Get Friendly Children’s Dental Services

As parents ourselves, we love meeting other children, however young, as they always brighten up our day! We feel that it’s important to introduce the children to the surroundings of a friendly dental surgery at an early stage (which is usually no later than 6 months after those tiny front teeth appear) although it’s never too late to start visiting us.

However, the visits aren’t all about the children as we think it’s just as important to provide advice for parents/guardians on the best ways of caring for those precious little teeth. This includes tooth brushing and dietary tips as well as advice on habits such as thumb sucking, etc.

We have a comfortable dental chair that many children like to have a ride on, and a TV on the ceiling which can easily be changed from mainstream channels to cartoons when they visit. We want your children to feel relaxed and we have years of experience in helping little ones get used to our practice.

As they grow, we will introduce age-appropriate X-rays to check all surfaces of the teeth for any early signs of decay, and we encourage regular visits with our hygienists, Ali and Carly. They too can show them the best way to clean their teeth for themselves as well as applying fluoride and fissure sealants if and when appropriate.

We can then help monitor your child’s dental development, providing advice, prevention and treatment if needed, as they make their journey through to their adult lives.