Do I need to be a member of your practice to have a hygienist treatment?

No, direct access hygiene services are just that – you can just see one of our hygienists if that’s what you want.

Can hygienists check all my teeth instead of having a regular check-up with the dentist?

No, dental hygienists cannot provide a full dental check-up or any other treatment outside their scope of training. If you have another dental problem, or if they suspect you do, they will advise you to make an appointment with a dentist who will be able to make a diagnosis and advise on treatment.

Our hygienists will not be able to treat any active gum disease under direct access arrangements as to do this they will need you to see a dentist first.

What does a direct access hygienist appointment involve?

Most patients seek direct access dental hygienist appointments to freshen up their teeth, have staining removed and for prevention to aid their own oral hygiene measures and keep plaque and calculus (tartar) to a minimum. Hygienists also provide treatment for active gum (periodontal) disease but at our practice they only do this under prescription from a dentist, so if they identify any gum disease at your visit they will inform you and advise you see a dentist. They will not be able to treat active gum disease without you first seeing a dentist.

Can I see one of your hygienists for direct access treatment if I already see a dentist at another practice?

Yes, if your own dentist does not have their own hygienist, we would be delighted to see you, and we are also happy to receive referrals (with or without a prescribed treatment plan) from your dentist.