Will Enlighten tooth whitening work for me?

Almost certainly but you should first have your teeth assessed to make sure they are suitable for tooth whitening. Enlighten is the only tooth whitening system that guarantees lightening to at least shade B1 (the lightest natural shade), but no-one can predict the exact end shade.

How does the system work?

After assessing your teeth to check tooth whitening is suitable for you, we take impressions of your teeth and the Enlighten lab make precise fitting whitening trays that fit your teeth exactly. After checking the fit of the trays, we then provide you with Enlighten whitening gel, which you put into the trays each night for up to 14 nights to gently and safely whiten your teeth whilst you sleep. Finally we’ll review your result and advise you on maintenance and on any other actions you might need to enhance your result.

I have crowns or veneers - will they whiten too?

No, crowns, veneers, bridgework and fillings will not whiten with any tooth whitening system, but they can be replaced afterwards to match the whitened teeth if desired

How long does it take?

In most cases the Enlighten system works fully within two weeks of at home whitening, but some discolouration can be more stubborn to remove so occasionally it can take longer.

Will Enlighten damage my teeth or gums?

Enlighten uses a state-of-the-art version of carbamide peroxide gel which is proven to be safe for use in the mouth and, unlike many other whitening gels, Enlighten gel is pH neutral so it will not damage the surface of the teeth or harm the gums.

Will I get any side effects?

All tooth whitening gels can produce some short-lasting tooth sensitivity, which can last until a few days after the whitening has finished. Also, you might experience overnight dry mouth during whitening and some mild tingling of the gums until treatment is finished.

Do you use lights or lasers as part of the Enlighten system?

No, the Enlighten whitening tray and gel system is so good there is no need to have to force it to work using high energy lights, and as a result there is significantly less surface dehydration of the teeth, much reduced sensitivity, and a longer-lasting result.

How long will my teeth stay whiter?

Usually a long time, but teeth will always slowly darken over time, and this can happen more quickly if you drink a lot of tea, coffee or red wine, eat foods with lots of colour and if you smoke. We advise maintaining your new white smile by ‘topping-up’ by using your whitening trays with Enlighten gel for 1 or 2 nights every 2 to 4 months.

I've heard that beauty therapists and non-dentists are providing tooth whitening - is this safe?

In the United Kingdom, to provide tooth whitening a professional must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). It is illegal for anyone not registered with the GDC to provide tooth whitening and the GDC request that any unregistered person providing this service in the UK should be reported to them.

I've heard you can buy whitening gels online or in some retailers - are these any good?

The law states that in the United Kingdom only dentists can provide and sell tooth whitening gel that is of sufficient strength and quality to whiten teeth. Tooth whitening products and kits bought over the counter on the internet can legally only contain up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This concentration is too low to have any noticeable effect on the colour of the teeth. Any gels sold this way that contain greater that 0.1% hydrogen peroxide are illegal and could be dangerous.

I am under 18 - can I have tooth whitening?

No, in the UK it is illegal to provide tooth whitening to anyone under the age of 18 and we reserve the right to request photo ID from patients to prove they are over 18 years old if we have any concerns regarding their age at the time of tooth whitening.