One of the most common concerns that our patients have is how to lighten discoloured teeth. Discolouration may be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains affect only the enamel, while intrinsic stains affect the internal structures of the teeth.

Andrew Thomas Dental Care offers professional teeth whitening near Cardiff city centre. We are an accredited Enlighten teeth whitening practice, so you can be assured that you are only getting the latest in teeth whitening technology.

According to UK law, teeth whitening may only be provided by dental professionals. Never settle for less – only set an appointment with trained, experienced providers that offer licensed teeth whitening products in Cardiff.

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Enlighten Tooth Whitening Centre

Enlighten – Teeth Whitening

There are numerous whitening products available, but only Enlighten comes with a B1 shade guarantee. Enlighten is a multi award-winning whitening system that causes no tooth damage whatsoever. By using Enlighten, we believe we are producing the best and most predictable whitening results possible.

How it Works

The procedure is straightforward and starts with some surgery time to optimise the results and then we can explain how to continue the treatment in the comfort of your own home. Andrew’s training and experience have earned him the honour of being an Enlighten accredited practitioner.

N.B. Please note that due to UK laws on the regulation of tooth whitening, we are not able to provide this treatment to anyone under the age of 18 years.

Wondering about our Enlighten teeth whitening price? Check out our fees page here.

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Before & After

Before Enlighten - Case 1 After Enlighten - Case 1
Before Enlighten - Case 2 After Enlighten - Case 2