Here’s Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Worth It

First impressions last. Your smile, for instance, can tell many things about your personality.

That’s why oral health is important. People in the United States spend roughly $124 billion a year on dental care costs.

For most individuals, having healthy teeth is enough. But, in the world today, pearly whites help people boost their self-confidence. As such, professional teeth whitening has become in demand.

In fact, about 39 million Americans used tooth whiteners in 2017. This number may rise to 38 million by 2020.

This goes to show how teeth whitening benefits almost everyone. The thing is, many individuals consider it as an added expense they won’t really benefit from.

It’s time to stop making excuses. Because the truth is, a bright, white smile can positively change your appearance.

To know more about these benefits, here’s a rundown on why teeth whitening is worth it.

1. Help You Make a Good First Impression

A first impression is an immediate evaluation another person makes after meeting you for the first time. It’s usually based on their reaction to your body language, mannerisms, and appearance.

A gorgeous, white smile can have a large impact on someone’s first impression on others. For instance, if you see a friendly person showing a genuine smile, you’re more likely to assume that he or she is trustworthy.

A study has found that people continue to be influenced by the appearance of others even after interacting with them in person.

Flashing a bright smile displays happiness, confidence, and positive feelings.

So, those white, straight teeth you show off with a warm smile? That’ll leave an even better first impression.

2. Professional Teeth Whitening Enhances Your Appearance

You might have the healthiest teeth but you’re not resilient to the damage everyone else faces. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, this habit can lead to teeth staining over time.

Yellow or stained teeth may take a toll on your appearance. You may look good in photos with the perfect filter, but in reality, you’re faced with the disadvantages of having stained teeth.

Like everyone else, you want to appear attractive to others.

Most people in the United States (99.7%) believe that a smile is an essential social asset. As a matter of fact, 96% of adults think a smile makes a person more appealing to the opposite sex.

To look and feel good and even more attractive, a tooth whitening treatment is one tactic with sure results.

3. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Like a domino effect, being attractive will help boost your confidence. Self-esteem increases if people are confident about how they look.

A study even found that dental disorders affect self-esteem. Which then impacts one’s quality of life.

Better self-confidence can help you in the various facets of life – career, work, school, and personal life. Did you know that about three-quarters of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt someone’s chances for career success?

Thus, professionally whitened teeth can help you out. Teeth whitening can help you gain more confidence when socializing with others. You also have the confidence to smile because you don’t have unsightly, stained teeth to hide.

4. Better Oral Hygiene and Health

Once people see how important having white teeth is, they’ll be more conscious about oral hygiene and health. When time and money has been spent having whiter teeth, people are more likely to take better care of their teeth.

How does this happen? It’s simple.

When they enjoy the benefits of their smile – more friends, being more attractive, and good first impressions – they start taking much better care of their teeth. They start to brush regularly, floss and visit the dentist.

Plus, they’ll understand just why teeth whitening services are a great investment. After all, such treatments significantly improve their smile and remove stains on the teeth.

5. Teeth Whitening Does Not Damage Teeth

One of the biggest misconceptions about teeth whitening is that it causes damage to teeth. Many people believe the procedure can affect the tooth enamel, making you more sensitive to cold and hot foods.

But, dentist teeth whitening, as long as it’s done properly and by professionals, doesn’t damage the tooth enamel. Teeth whitening is safe and effective if the dentist follows protocol.

Only illegal DIY teeth whitening products can damage the teeth.

Current whitening materials are based mainly on carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Both these substances help change the colour of teeth, but they have various considerations for their effectiveness and safety.

6. It Gives You a Better and More Positive Outlook on Life

Can you believe that a smile can do so much for you? Another benefit of having whiter teeth is that you’ll have a positive outlook on life.

Dental teeth whitening gives you more reasons to smile. Being confident about your smile makes you feel better about yourself. In turn, you’ll be more positive in dealing with life’s daily struggles.

Aside from raising your self-confidence, smiling more often can give you a positive aura. People will see you as a warm, happy, and genuine person.

There’s also the added benefit of feeling happier about life, seeing as smiling promotes positive thinking.

Professional Whitening: More Than Just Whiter Teeth

Professional teeth whitening plays a pivotal role in oral health. Aside from boosting one’s confidence and appearance, it helps make people realize the importance of oral care.

Your smile is a distinguishing characteristic, and it’s one of the first things people notice right away. That’s why having a healthy smile is so important.

Having a white and beautiful smile can contribute to a greater sense of well-being. It gives you the self-confidence to face others and do well in school or work. Teeth whitening is now a crucial procedure for everyone, especially those who want to feel better about themselves.

If you think you need to improve your smile, ring us up for more information on various dental procedures.

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