URGENT NEW information about Corona Virus (COVID-19) and our practice

Updated 23rd March 2020

The country is dealing with a crisis – it is a national emergency. Please do not underestimate how serious the current COVID-19 outbreak is. We must support our front-line NHS services and staff who need every bit of our help. Please strictly follow all Government advice at this time.

On Monday 23rd March, the Chief Dental Officer in Wales issued a CODE RED alert and ordered all Welsh dental practices to close immediately due to the escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

This was an order and not optional. 

This decision was not made lightly as it will have a major effect on all dental care and dental practices.

For the time being, we are not open as usual so if you have an upcoming appointment with us you must assume it will not go ahead. Please do not attend the practice. Stay at home, stay safe and save lives. We will contact you about your appointments as soon as we can.

You can get in touch with us by leaving a message on our answerphone – we will be monitoring this remotely so we ask for your patience as our response might not be immediate. Perhaps the best way to contact us will be by email ([email protected]) or by completing the form above on this page. Please provide your phone number if you want us to call you and please note our calls might be from a withheld number.

Before contacting us, the information below might be very useful.

Only specified emergency and urgent dental treatments (see below) can be treated in Wales at this time. General dental practices have not been equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to undertake most of these treatments at this time.

Absolutely no routine dentistry can be provided at the moment by any dental practice.

So right now, whilst we await further information on how to proceed, we have to operate an advice-only service.

We understand this is not what you expect from us but this is a national emergency and we have no choice at all. We will follow all rules strictly and remain committed to putting the health and well-being of all our patients and staff as our number one priority, as always.

The local health boards are establishing emergency/urgent dental care sites to facilitate certain dental emergency/urgent treatments. There will be designated sites for patients diagnosed with, or suspected of having, COVID-19. There will be separate sites for patients deemed unlikely to currently have COVID-19. We are expecting further details of the arrangements imminently.

Very important

The Chief Dental Officer has imposed some strict rules on what dental care is currently available in Wales.

Unless your dental problem is listed below, then it has been designated as being a routine care problem and cannot be treated by any dentist in Wales at this time (this is also to preserve dwindling supplies of PPE for front-line healthcare workers). In such cases advice can be given but no dental appointment can or will be made.

No check-ups or hygienist appointments or previously scheduled treatments can proceed at the moment.

Below is the list of designated emergency and urgent dental conditions issued today. There is also no guarantee appointments will be offered for all patients with any of these conditions. All such dental problems will be triaged by telephone first. No patient is allowed to turn up at an emergency/urgent dental care clinic without invitation.


1). Bleeding from the mouth that is uncontrollable by self-care measures

2). Facial or oral swelling worsening over a few hours that affects the ability to swallow, significantly limits mouth opening, is spreading towards the eye or front of the neck or with signs of generalised sepsis

3). Dental trauma with suspected bone fractures and/or facial lacerations

4). Dislocated lower jaw.


1). Oral bleeding which does respond to self-care measures in a patient taking anticoagulant medication

2). Oral or facial infection that is not spreading but that could exacerbate an underlying generalised medical condition

3). Oral or facial swelling that is not spreading.

4). Severe tooth pain that does not respond to self-care and appropriate doses of over-the-counter painkillers

5). Dental traumas that knock out an adult tooth or cause fracture of a significant portion of the tooth, trauma that results in a mobile or displaced adult or milk tooth, or trauma that knocks out a milk tooth in a child 4 years or younger.

6). Mouth ulcers lasting more than 2 weeks or with suspicious symptoms

7). Broken, fractured or loose fitting orthodontic appliances creating soft tissue trauma, not amenable to self-care measures.

8). Fractured, loose or displaced restorations, e.g. fillings, crowns, post-crowns, bridges or veneers, where there is also severe pain that does not respond to self-care and over the counter pain relief.

We understand that these are tough and trying times for us all and we ourselves are still coming to terms with the speed of implementation of all of these directives.

However, we are all in this together and in these extremely difficult times we want all our patients to know that we are available to talk to. This might be because you have a question or query about dental issues. You might have a dental problem or pain and want advice. Or you might just want someone different to have a chat with during long periods of self-isolation. Please get in touch – we would like to hear from you.

Please look after yourselves, please do not leave your homes for anything that is not essential and please heed all Government  advice so we can all save lives.

Thank you and we look forward to being able to see you again very soon.



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