High-Quality Orthodontic Retainer Services

If you have had orthodontic treatment before then you were probably provided with some sort of retainer to help maintain your straight teeth. Andrew believes this is a vital part of all orthodontic treatment, whether it be traditional fixed braces or Invisalign. At the practice we see more and more patients who have had braces before but their result has relapsed because they have stopped wearing the retainers, or because their bonded retainers have broken or come off, or simply haven’t worked.

When this happens it is very disappointing, but we can help.

Andrew believes that relapse after braces can occur at any time and there are no guarantees that your teeth won’t move again. The only way to keep this risk to an absolute minimum is long-term, indefinite use of retainers. There are two types of retainers – small wires that are bonded to the back of your front teeth or removable retainers that are to be worn whilst you are asleep each night. Neither is perfect but Andrew has seen many bonded retainers fail or come off and so we advise and encourage our orthodontic patients wearing comfortable removable retainers each night for as long as they want to keep their teeth straight and advise this compliance is life-long.

As an experienced Invisalign provider, Andrew has not yet found a better type of removable retainer that Invisalign’s comfortable and durable Vivera retainers. They come in three identical sets at a time so they can last years and you can have spares to stop your teeth moving in case you accidentally damage or lose one set.

You do not need to have had orthodontic treatment with us to have new retainers made, and what’s more we can make your Vivera retainers without you even needing often messy and unpleasant impressions using our iTero 3d scanner (the first in Wales). This also means that we can hold the record of your teeth’s positions for easier ordering of further replacement retainers in future if needed.

So if you need a new retainer for whatever reason, or if want spare retainers in case yours get damaged or lost, we would be happy to make Vivera retainers for you. We won’t charge a consultation fee for this service, and we are happy to provide these retainers whether you are a patient of the practice or not.

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