New Patient Consultation (including x-rays)£100
Routine Examination£49
Standard Hygienist Visit£79
Enhanced Hygienist Visit£105
Radiographs (x-rays)£21
Composite (White) Filling£99 - £185
Root Canal Treatment£400 - £675
Crown£640 - £715
Invisalign Braces*
*If single arch treatment is possible and appropriate, you will be quoted separately
Vivera Orthodontic Retainers (3 set)£350
Essix Orthodontic Retainers (single sets) £145
Enlighten Tooth Whitening£575
Boutique Tooth Whitening£399
Single Tooth Internal Bleaching£350 - £725
Single Arch Full Acrylic Denture £895
Upper and Lower Full Acrylic Denture £1500
Single Arch Partial Acrylic Denture £725
Upper and Lower Partial Acrylic Denture £1250
Single Arch Cobalt-Chrome Partial Denture £1250
Upper and Lower Cobalt-Chrome Partial Dentures £1950
New Patient Emergency Visit Fee£100
Re-cement Crown or Bridge£55
Extraction£125 - £250

A written estimate is always provided.

Children’s fees are generally about 50% of the full adult prices (with the exception of Invisalign, mouthguards, dentures, and crowns/veneers).