Say Goodbye To Sensitive Teeth

Suffering with sensitive teeth is one of the most common causes of dental discomfort that we see and this can be very debilitating with the pain ranging from mild twinges on occasions to severe electric shock-like impulses happening very frequently.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by various factors including gum recession, cracked teeth, lost fillings, clenching and grinding of teeth, over-zealous cleaning of the teeth and even from the foods and drinks that we eat.

In almost all cases, sensitivity can be easily treated but correct diagnosis is vital for this and a full dental examination including x-rays is usually appropriate.

Andrew is very experienced in identifying the causes of sensitivity and providing treatment needed to stop it but on many occasions actual dental treatment might not even be necessary, instead advice from Andrew on changing some habits or using special desensitising products can be all that is needed to make eating and drinking enjoyable once again.

If this is affecting you, we are very always happy to help so please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.