Teeth Bleaching Services for Single Tooth

Having a single visible dark tooth is often a cause of embarrassment for patients. The tooth might have become darker because of trauma, or if the nerve has died off or been removed.

Sometimes a dark tooth can be disguised with a veneer or a crown, but these treatments involve irreversible preparation of the perhaps otherwise healthy tooth. There is an usually an alternative less-destructive option as a single dark tooth might respond well to the process of non-vital (internal) bleaching.

Although internal bleaching can be technically challenging for the dentist, it is a fairly pleasant experience without pain. No-one can guarantee that a dark tooth will always respond but Andrew has produced many striking results over the years using this technique as he is able to take the necessary time to give the tooth the best chance of lightening.

Andrew has had many delighted customers and receives patient referrals from other dentists in the area for internal bleaching, however no referral is needed. To book a consultation appointment with Andrew to discuss this please contact us or click on the new patient enquiry link and fill in the form.

Before & After

Before Internal Bleaching - Case 1 After Internal Bleaching - Case 1
Before Internal Bleaching - Case 2 After Internal Bleaching - Case 2
Before Internal Bleaching - Case 3 After Internal Bleaching - Case 3